Carpentry, it’s a girl thing!

Carpentry, it’s a girl thing!

Kirsten Locke is an unusual kind of young women. For one thing she works as a carpenter for bespoke custom-made furniture company MMT – Mike Made This, in what is historically a male-dominated environment and she also has a dream of building her very own tree houses for children one day.

Kirsten began her apprenticeship under Mike Mason, owner of MMT, a few years ago after doing a short course in carpentry. “I’ve learnt everything I know under Mike and my favourite part of what I do is to turn wood” says Kirsten. She loves the intricacy and creativity that go with free hand turning wood on a lathe. “You have to be precise and creative all at the same time and if you’re doing a piece for fun, you get to let your imagination and skill run wild” she adds.

Kirsten comes from a family of people who work with their hands. Her Grandfather was also a carpenter and her parents both enjoy creative hobbies like sewing and sailing. Mike believes that people who work with their hands for get fulfilment from getting to see what they’ve created and being able to touch and feel their final product.


“Kirsten is very meticulous and having a female on my team brings a keen eye for detail to the work we do,” adds Mike.

In celebrating Women’s Month and specifically Women’s Day on August 9th, Kirsten wants young women out there who want to pursue a career or hobby in wood working and other DIY specialities to never believe that just because you’re a girl that you’re not capable. “Pursue your dreams and follow your heart. Who cares if your industry is a male-dominated? Go out there, strut your stuff and show them who’s boss! Never let someone tell you that you can’t do it. Let that be motivation enough to prove them wrong” encourages Kirsten.

Happy Women’s Day for the Hausen Abrasives team, and here’s to all the creative women out there working with their hands and DIY’ing their hearts out.

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